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Between us: it all starts with a diagnosis. During an interview, I will help you to target your skills to determine your profile. Based on this diagnosis, I will propose a balanced and personalized coaching program. Also, in a respectful relationship with confidentiality, you will enjoy during our sessions my support, my explanations and my stimulations.

Body pump, Body Sculpt, Body Attack, Body Balance, vibrating platform, Pilates, maintaining gym, over the years many words have tried to take the spotlight at this traditional and effective exercise that we call "physical culture".
Gymnastics teachers from Coaching Corporel will strive to teach this discipline.
In all cases, our teaching will meet your expectations :
  • Restore joint flexibility and mobility.
  • Improved balance and coordination.
  • Elimination of poor posture.
  • Strength of muscles.
  • Improving the awareness of your body.
  • Injury Prevention.
  • Relieve back pain.
  • Promote loss of excess weight.
  • Stabilize your weight.
  • Be efficient in your favorite sport.
  • Simply get fun.
Personal training
Support personalized in the places of your choice in individual or small group.
  • At home
  • In your sport center
  • In your workplace
  • In your holiday place
Our services
  • Strength training (with or without accessories)
  • Streching, Relaxation, Yoga
  • School for your back
  • Running, cardio-training
  • Bike travelling (running, mountain biking)

Physical preparation
This is the necessary link to complete a successfully activity.
  • Our Main line of work: Evaluation / Preparation / Monitoring / Health & Wellness
  • Suitable for beginners or accomplished sportsman.
  • Aptitude test to ascertain your needs, your weaknesses, your strengths.
  • The interpretation of your results will establish a adapted training program.
  • Planning and monitoring will be organized between the coach and his pupil = obligation of result and progress
  • (All means will be implemented appointments, telephone contact, email).

Sport camp organisation / Accompanying
To a leisure or sports test
  • Many Coaching Corporel teachers are ready to accompany you beyond our borders to achieve a goal.
  • Your first marathon abroad with your coach.
  • Partial or total support.

Your space

In your home, your business, your company, your secondary home, you wish to create a fitness center, a gym, a relaxation room, massage, for yourself, for your employees.
You do not have time to get in a sport, the time is counted: a solution, create your relaxation space, sports, massage, drawing on experts: Coaching Corporel can meet your expectations.

Coaching corporel, on numerous occasions has built private sports rooms. One of our consultants will come to your place, answer your questions and find solutions, answers:
  • What are the most important factors that should be taken into account when planning a gym at home, in business ... ?
  • What fitness equipment should be at the root of all gym staff ?
  • There are several cardio machines on the market. In your opinion, what type of device is most effective? A treadmill, a rowing machine, a stationary bike or stair simulator, a vibrating platform ?
  • What characteristics should we look when buying a treadmill ?
  • When buying dumbbells (free weights), is it essential to have several weights ?
  • Is the presence of machine with additional charges (pulleys, cast iron plates) necessary ?
  • Now that the gym at home is built, what would be a good exercise program for someone in health has never done much exercise ?
Our consultant will put a price on your project.
You will be connected with suppliers from the market if you wish.
Or the opposite, possibility of providing turnkey project, without worrying about the organization.
Everything will be done to save time.
Efficiency, installation, satisfaction.
Now let's train in your space.

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We are located in: Paris, Cannes, Nice, Megeve, Geneva, Royan, Saint Florentin, Peronne, Tallard, Roanne, Pays Catalans , Perpignan , Céret,
Frontières Espagnole / Française, Annemasse, Chambéry and we move without border limits for your sport stays !